Traverse City, Michigan Newborn Photographer Learns From the Best

I made a trip down to Florida last week to have a 1:1 mentoring with an amazing newborn photographer named Nicole Everson. She was amazing and I am thrilled to have made a new photography friend in her. She taught me so much from lighting, posing, editing newborns, maternity, and business. In Traverse City we don’t have a lot of Newborn photographers because they are very difficult, time consuming, and expensive to start up. The props, wraps, layers, felts, furs, and lighting equipment are all very expensive. They are very difficult to pose correctly and safely. That is why I felt the need to provide an option to my beautiful Northern Michigan community for a fine art newborn photographer. I needed to learn everything about newborns to better serve my community. The images below were taken at the 1:1 mentoring with Nicole Everson. If you would like to book your newborn session email Annelise at