Traverse City, Michigan Newborn Photographer: Choosing the right newborn photographer for you.

Northern Michigan is flooded with photographers. The process of looking for a photographer can be overwhelming when you already have enough on your plate with planning for the birth of your little one. Here are a few tips with looking for the right newborn photographer. 

1) Safety: Safety is #1 in newborn photography. Does the photographer have experience holding newborns? The poses we do as photographers in Newborn Photography moves certain muscles and manipulates the babies in such a way that if you do not know how to do it properly, the babies can get very hurt. When you are searching for a newborn photographer it is important to ask this question and to ask how many newborn sessions have they done? Where did they learn to photograph newborns?

2) Style: Every photographer has a certain style that you might be drawn to. Some are bright, light, and airy. When others are more dark and moody with rich colors. Some are rich with more of organic and natural feel. It is important to really research why style draws you in and what you would like displayed on your walls. These images are forever so think of down the road, what style will you look back on and still love years later. 

3) Props and accessories: When looking for a newborn photographer you need to decide if it is important to you if the photographer has the props and accessories or if you would rather purchase this all yourself. It is really personal preference but some photographers require that you bring your own props, outfits, wraps, and tiebacks to the session. Other photographers have everything you need and you don't need to purchase anything for your session. 

4) What type of photographer are your drawn to?: When looking for a photographer here in Traverse City or all of Northern Michigan there are so many to choose from that you really have your pick to what fits your family best. There are four different types of photographers to choose from...

a) The shoot and burn photographer: This is when the photographer has a set price which is usually pretty low. The photographer does the session and you receive all the images shortly after your session but are lightly edited or not at all edited. 

b) The hobbyist: This is the type of photographer that doesn't really charge much of anything but does it because they just enjoy doing it. You probably will get some edited pictures but as many as the hobbyist feels like editing. 

c) The all inclusive: This is the type of photographer that has a set price for a certain amount of edited images. When you book with this photographer you will receive the session, edited images on a flash drive, disk, or digital download with print release. This photographer is perfect for the clients who are looking for something easy and quick and still end up with some nice images to cherish. 

d) The full service: This type of photographer gives more care to each client. When you book with this photographer you will usually receive a pre-consultation, the photography session, and the ordering consultation. These types of photographers might be a little more expensive but they put in a lot more work. They finely edit each image as a work of art. At the pre-consultation you can really specialize your session where you discuss colors, outfits, style, and anything else that is in regards to your session. At the ordering session you can review your session and decide on which images, prints, canvas, wall art, and albums you are interested in purchasing. This type of photographer usually has less clients so they can provide more time with each client they have. Some full service photographers can even take an image of one of your walls in your home and design a beautiful collage for you at your ordering session. It really helps take the guess work out of where to print, what should I print, and avoids a lot of confusion for clients. 

There are many options in newborn photographers to choose from in Northern Michigan and the decision can be difficult. At Annelise Nicole Photography I am proud to say I am a full service photographer. I love to meet with my clients and discuss in full about their session. My clients become my family and we truly enjoy the whole process. I love being as excited about the session as my clients are. I have studied from some of the best newborn photographers in the country, I am a mother as well so I know how to safely handle newborns for photoshoots. I also have all the accessories you could possibly want in your session with a moody, organic, and natural style that are timeless images to last a lifetime. I would love to work with you and your newborn. Please contact Annelise at or fill out our contact form today to start the process. Thank you! 

Annelise Nicole Photography, LLC newborns 2017

Annelise Nicole Photography, LLC newborns 2017