Traverse City, Michigan Photographer: What is your why?

Animals have always played a major role in my life. Being the youngest of two other siblings much older than me I spent a lot of time alone as a child. My animals became my companions and my friends. As a grew older and went through some tough times as a young adult, my horses and my dogs were always there for me. They never judged, they never talked back, and they were always there to talk to. This is one important reason why I add animals into my art. It ties in my childhood and how I remember growing up. It helps me heal from the wounds of this world and makes me grow into the person I always knew I could be. Through trial and error I learned composite work with adding animals to my images. For my children the animals have become a symbol for me in each image. The symbol which tells them that I will always be there for them no matter what life brings their way. I will never leave them and I will always be by their side. Investing in photography for you children and your family is forever. The images will always be there after your children grow up and are off to college. Photography is more than an image, it tells a story, a story of your child's childhood and my art brings their childhood to life in the most magical way. Let me tell your story whether we add animals or not, let us work together in finding your why and tell the story of your children. My children are my why. My clients are my why. My art is my why. My family is my why. This is my why, what is your's?