The Start Of 2017

It has only been a week since we rang in the new year. How much can really happen in a week? A few days ago I posted a few of my images on a popular website for exposure called Bored Panda. My post was then picked up by another popular page on Facebook which gave my little images a boost. I woke up the next day to over a hundred new likes. As of today the post had been shared over 1,100 times and liked over 4,500 times. This little Traverse City, Michigan photographer was starting to be noticed around the world. I woke to messages from France, Germany, and Sweden. I then was contacted by National Geographic of Poland who wants to feature my photography. I was blown away. Later that evening I received a notification that one of my images was selected in the Fantasy World contest as a finalist on ViewBug. I had no idea when I started my business three year ago that it would turn into what it is today. I am grateful for the support and love I have received. It has been astounding. I now have over 350 new followers on my page. I want to send out a friendly welcome to all new followers. I am thrilled you have found me and taken an interest in my work. Today I had my first newborn in the studio and a fine art session out in a winter wonderland. Right now, life is wonderful. I am thankful for it. I know life can change in the blink of an eye so I am going to enjoy the here and now. Not a bad start to 2017, not bad at all. It is only the beginning to a magical year.