Traverse City, Michigan Newborn Photography - Soft, sweet, and organic.

Trying to find my style of newborn photography has been very difficult for me. A few weeks ago it really hit me. I live in Traverse City Michigan and all of us Northern Michigan people love to spend our time outdoors. Hiking, camping, and swimming. This made me think of my style as a newborn photographer. Newborns have always been soft and sweet to me but how to encompass my need for organic outdoor moody imagery to fit who I am. I can finally say I think I have found it! My tag line is Inspired By Nature Newborns. It fits me and my style to a tee. I would love for your take on it as well. I love it! 

Annelise Nicole Photography, LLC

Annelise Nicole Photography, LLC

Traverse-City-Michigan-Newborn-Photography-The Thinker

I just love newborns. They are so sweet and snuggly. I love providing my hometown of Traverse City with high quality newborn photography. I provide quality images to all of Northern Michigan and I couldn't be prouder to provide it to my community. Every newborn photographer has their own style and poses. I have learned pretty much all of them. However I think I just came up with my own signature pose. The Thinker. This little guy posed himself like this and I loved it. I think it would be a unique pose to offer my clients. 

Traverse City-Michigan-Photographers- A Personal Project

Spending winter and spring days in Traverse City can often leave you feeling down or depressed. I have suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life. This past year it had gotten especially bad. I started seeking the help of a counselor which instructed me to use my gift of photography to my own healing benefit. I am starting this personal project throughout the year around Northern Michigan which will be based on my battle with anxiety and depression. This is a very personal project for me but I know it will help me heal so that I can be a better person for my family. I hope you all enjoy this series as a window into my soul. 

The image below is the first of my series. It is based on the quote by Gandhi, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” This is based one the countless times I have been hurt by others. This doesn't make me unique by any means because everyone is hurt by someone along the lines but I felt the importance of adding it to my series as it played a role in shaping who I am today. This visual representation shows both sides of who I am. I am soft, kind hearted, and shy in many ways. The lion represents the other side of who I am. Strong, fierce, and if you cross me than prepare for the teeth to come bearing down. The lion is also a representation of my relationship with my Lord. My Aslan, my protector, and my trusted guider. With him he will protect me from everyone who has done me wrong, even myself, and leads me down the straight and narrow path. The broken wood back ground is a symbol for my life. Once it was a beautiful painted door, now there are cracks and paint chipping from the edges. Even the strongest materials breakdown eventually. This is the start of me. 


Winter months in Traverse City are long, cold, and grey. The sun does not come out much and it is easy to be caught up in the darkness. That is probably why we don't get many vacationers in the winter months. Maybe that is why I love grey with newborns. I love seeing a ray of sunshine in a dark surrounding. It makes my heart warm and reminds me of home. I couldn't love this whole set up more. It is simply gorgeous. 

Annelise Nicole Photography, LLC Traverse City Newborn Photographer

Annelise Nicole Photography, LLC Traverse City Newborn Photographer

Traverse City, Michigan Family Photographer-My new cedar wall.

A while back I did a workshop in Florida where Nicole, the lovely photographer who I worked with, had a beautiful wood wall. It was rich, vintage, and beautiful. I knew I need to come up with something like that for my clients. My husband made me a beautiful set. I am thrilled to be offering this to all my local Traverse City Michigan clients and all of northern lower Michigan. It will really enhance all of the family pictures that are done there with newborns, babies, and toddlers. It will really add to the beautiful scene that it creates and enhance my vintage style as a photographer. I hope you all love it as much as I do. 

This is me-Traverse City, Michigan Photographer

It is never easy for me to be open. I am a pretty private person, I don't have many close friends or people I trust. When my new website brander told me I would need headshots for my new website I was very hesitant. I don't like being in front of the camera, I am used to being behind the camera. It is never easy for me to put myself out there. Who am I? I am just a simple photographer in Traverse City, Michigan. So, by this blog post this is exactly what I am doing. Raw, simple, and complex all at the same time, here I am. This is me. I am learning to love me, a me I never knew was in there. A me that I can give to others freely without hesitation or obligation. A me for my clients, family, and friends. This is me. 

Walter: Traverse City, Michigan Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is never easy. Little Walter came into my Northern Michigan photo studio this past week and he is as cute as they come. His hair is absolutely adorable and he had so much of it! Well do to my own children getting sick two weeks ago we had to postpone our session until this past week. At this point little Walter was 16 days old which is a difficult age to get newborn images at. They are more awake and more fussy during this time however it is never worth the risk of getting a newborn sick if one of your children are sick. This little man made my assistant and I work for Every. Single. Image. I have to say it was worth it though, we got some amazing images of this new life and I am proud to add them to my portfolio. Thank you to Walters sweet family for sharing him with me last week. 


Traverse City, Michigan Photographer-In the eyes of babes.

Your eyes tell the story of who you are little man. Let the Northern Michigan air hit you and let my love warm you. I am a reflection in your eyes but I will always be there for you. Holding you and loving you little man. You are my everything and I love you.